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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥

Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥ is owned and operated by me, an Office Management turned stay-at-home mom, with the help of my husband (the adviser) and my both baby girl Balqis Zulaiqa & Batrisya Zahara (the name). During my pregnancy, I began searching for dress and parenting products. Then i realised, the choices of ladies products are limited and quite expensive for their quality. I began to think, "why not search for unique, cute, good quality and affordable ladies & girly products and offer them to other ladies through the Internet? That is how ZZC♥ was born!

You'll find that Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥ is a little bit different than the others. When was the last time you called one of those big web companies and talked to the actual owner? Yep, when you call Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥ , you'll talk to me and even if I'm busy being "mom", your message will be responded to quickly! You'll also get top-quality customer service and speedy shipping...most orders is shipped the next working day!

Why the name Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥ ?

I believe every ladies & girl will try to offer the best for themself / husband. A gift from the heart is priceless no matter what the price is. It's a Zahara Zulaiqa Collection!

Today, Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥ has its very own line of Wedges, Dress & Jersey. Zahara Zulaiqa Collection resellers are located all over Malaysia and oversea such as Singapore, Australia, Brunei, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Thanks for your support and we will continue to bring in more unique, quality and affordable products. ^^

~~That's the store behind Zahara Zulaiqa Collection♥ ~~


Zahara Zulaiqa Collections said...

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Anonymous said...

dah d add fb pun xjuak mk...gney tk???

Zahara Zulaiqa Collections said...

Knak kah? d add d fb? sapa ya kah??

Mama Nietha said...

very nice idea n strategy mem.. salute lah..
o ya, baby u twin kah? dah 4 bulan dah owh. tapi mek org alu xda visit ko.. very sorry.. huhu

Zahara Zulaiqa Collections said...

Mama Nietha?
Sapa kah ya..

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